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Trade Secrets Litigation

The Gregory, Doyle, Calhoun & Rogers, LLC team of litigators represent both owners of trade secrets and former employees who have been accused of misappropriating trade secrets of their former employers.

Trade secrets cases develop quickly and litigators are often in court within a few hours or days after initially receiving trade secrets cases. We have tremendous experience and subject matter knowledge which allows our litigators to quickly identify the key issues in each case. Our attorneys are highly skilled in technology and information systems which is crucial now that litigation is fully involved in the electronic age. The group’s attorneys practice throughout Georgia and nationally, preparing employees to transition without drawing litigation fire, and also defending against requests for injunctive relief. Using this crucial knowledge of the defense playbook, our litigators also seek injunctive relief on behalf of clients who need to protect their trade secrets. Gregory Doyle’s trade secret litigators are adept at handling these complex matters, which involve several different disciplines, including non-competition/non-solicitation agreements, employment law, compensation issues, claims for employee raiding and breaches of fiduciary duty.

In addition to decades of experience in litigating trade secrets cases, our trade secrets litigators offer assistance to help employees ensure that they can transition to a new employer while avoiding litigation. Our team also helps employers limit the fallout from a departing employee, identifying the various sources of a leak of trade secrets, preserving evidence and conducting forensic examinations to find out exactly what information was taken. By taking these steps promptly, our litigators are able to identify the issues and take the appropriate posture on the case.

In aggressively defending or prosecuting cases, our litigators are highly cognizant of ensuring minimal business interruption. They are focused on achieving positive results in an expeditious manner and have a well-deserved reputation as attorneys who get to the core issues right away. We have successfully prosecuted and defended cases in numerous industries, including financial services firms, insurance brokers, accounting firms, real estate agents, health services companies, medical professionals, software and technology companies and architecture firms.

Whether representing defendants or plaintiffs, our litigators engage in active risk assessment, working with our clients to seek an outcome that fits with their business goals.

Trade Secrets Litigation

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