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Closely-Held & Family-Owned Businesses

Gregory Doyle is designed to efficiently service the legal and business needs that arise throughout the lives of closely-held companies and their owners.

We recognize that the legal needs, budgets and concerns of closely-held and family-owned businesses are different from those of publicly traded companies. Owners of closely-held companies need outside general counsel with substantive experience advising similar companies, and they expect practical and relevant solutions on a wide variety of legal issues impacting their people, wealth, capital and reputation – often during difficult or critical times.

Our firm is organized into service teams of attorneys and staff members that share a common passion and history of working with closely-held and family-owned businesses to resolve a wide range of legal and business issues that most often arise in the life cycle of these companies – from entity formation and raising start-up capital, through growth and day-to-day commercial and operational issues, to negotiating and closing complex M&A transactions and transferring wealth across generations. We regularly advise owners on tax-efficient strategies and corporate governance issues associated with transitioning ownership and control of companies to the next generation of family members and structuring controls associated with outside investors and joint venture arrangements.

Our goal is to serve as a trusted and valued resource for our clients by offering practical, responsive and relevant legal and business advice. We work alongside our clients as legal counsel to leverage relationships, contracts and know-how for the benefit of our clients. Because we know no two clients are alike, we take time to understand our clients’ businesses and their opportunities, challenges, desires and risk tolerance before recommending a strategy and determining the best attorneys and advisors (within or outside our law firm) to resolve the specific legal or business issues. In our experience, exceptional value is not an accident or the result of luck, it is the product of putting the most experienced and capable advisor in charge of the team and executing on a strategic plan that is designed to address the legal issue within budget.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss our track record and answer any questions you may have. In addition, we have multiple clients that would be happy to share the value we bring to their closely-held and family-owned businesses.

Notable Client Highlights

    • Developed and implemented corporate governance reforms and restructuring plan to resolve multi-generational dispute over operation of Georgia-based family real estate company and developed a tax-efficient structure for rolling up multiple family-owned entities.
    • Worked with current and former shareholders, executives and employees of regional construction company with revenue in excess of a billion dollars, to develop and implement corporate governance plan for the transition of ownership and management of the company to the second and third generations.
    • Assisted a second generation food processing company, with revenue in excess of $300 million, in navigating a significant expansion, including forming a strategic alliance with multiple suppliers, acquiring assets and facilities from competitors and entering new areas of operation as well as navigating operational, managerial and contractual risks arising from rapid expansion.
    • Advised founder of family-owned healthcare company on beneficial structure for transfer of stock to his children in a tax efficient manner, and represented second generation in subsequent sales of portions of the business to multi-billion dollar, publicly traded buyers.
    • Represented grandson of company founder in connection with purchase of all interests in family-owned manufacturing and distribution company from the second generation and assisted business in subsequent expansion through strategic acquisitions of multiple competitors and obtaining significant additional debt financing from major investment fund.
    • Represented family-owned day care franchisor in multiple suits brought by disappointed franchisees alleging fraud, RICO, breach of franchise agreements and other claims, including obtaining decision from Georgia Supreme Court reversing $1.2 million jury verdict against client.